Hari itu, 9 Desember 2016.

Ingin rasanya bercerita 

Bagaimana kejamnya hari ini

Tapi diam yang menjadi suara

Karena aku hanya seorang diri

The moon vs The sun

Everyone sees the moon and the sun as a lovers. They made poetry and poems about them. Some said they couldn’t be together because they rarely collide, some said the sun loved the moon so much, he died every night to let her breath.


I see them in different ways,

The moon and the sun are two person,

They are in love with same person.

Guess who?

Yes, The earth.

They compete each others just to show the earth, who is worth to be with the earth.

Humans are the judges.

Most of them choose the sun over the moon.

Humans hates the moon so much.

Always sleep whenever the moon shine.

And awake while the sun shine.

Humans choose the sun.

So do the earth.

-(I know all about this. Because the moon told me after i told him about you)-