Love, from the edge of the cliff

The best part was falling.

The worst?

Was hitting the ground.

Then bleeding.


(But still, we called it love)

(Did you look away when i was falling?)

(It’s okay, i still choose you)

(Even when you were the one who pushed me)


Dark hours

There is something wrong with my chest.
Like something crushing my lungs, or pressed my chest.

I want to stab it.
Or take this weird feeling out.

I can breath, but it feels weird.
I think my deep dark thoughts is trying to crawl out from my body.
I think she wants to see me breakdown.

As the clock ticking.
I become someone that have forgot how beautiful life is.

I can’t even describe how does it feels right now.

Why this silence feels so loud.

This is going to be over. Not now, not tomorrow.
But someday.
Isn’t it?

Her dark place

“This place is so dark! How can she lives in this place, where the light only can get in is through those cracks!”

“I need to put some colours to this place”

“The place where the demons are hiding”

“The place where bad thoughts comes”

So, I put the prism in her darkest thoughts.

When the light strikes the prism,

The light turns to be rainbow.

And there, the smile.

Aah, her smile.